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Modern Drummer Recommends “How to Teach Drums”

how to teach drums modern drummer reviewModern Drummer’s review of How to Teach Drums (June 2014 issue) says “Want a career in education or simply a better structure for your lesson plans? Look no further.

I’m delighted that “How to Teach Drums” has been reviewed and recommended by Modern Drummer. It’s the USA’s biggest drum magazine and I’ve enjoyed reading the magazine for years (it’s a lot easier to get hold of in the UK than it used to be!). It’s great that I’m able to help current and potential drum teachers across the world.

Here’s the review in full (reproduced from Modern Drummer’s June 2014 issue, page 89):

by Claire Brock

“In this no-nonsense, notation-free, easy-to-read textbook-style manual, Claire Brock outlines several basic ideas geared toward helping you begin instructing students of all levels. Whether shedding light on the subjects students are interested in learning, illustrating a proper way of explaining fills, or providing tips on teaching with Skype or YouTube, Brock offers valuable insight that could come only from extensive experience. A key component is her concept of the drumming time line – what you want to teach and the order in which you want to teach it. Modern issues like building a website and thoughts on advertising are also touched on, so you can return to the book even after you’re past the point of explaining single strokes to beginner students. Want a career in education or simply a better structure for your lesson plans? Look no further.” Ilya Stemkovsky

Many thanks to Ilya and Modern Drummer.

how to teach drums modern drummer


Rudiments Aren’t Boring. #2: Advanced Paradiddles

In “Rudiments Aren’t Boring. #1“, I talked about using paradiddles in beats to make them more interesting for your students. This time we’re super-charging that idea to an advanced level with a 7/8 linear groove that, if I do say so myself, sounds killer! I’ve been teaching it to a few of my students recently and they’re loving it (as you’ll see, it’s definitely not for beginners, but you could always play it to them to inspire them to practice their rudiments more!).

It’s made up of 3 paradiddles followed by 2 singles:

Download the pdf here to use in lessons. It’s best explained in person, so without further ado, here’s the video:

Hopefully it’ll show your students how useful rudiments are for creating both linear and odd time grooves.

Hope you like the new drum kit, it’s a Premier Spitfire, sounds and looks stunning! Watch out for the next installment in the “Rudiments Aren’t Boring” series where it’s time to move away from paradiddles onto another equally useful rudiment!