Rudiments Aren’t Boring. #1: Paradiddles

Rudiments don’t have to be boring. In fact, working on them should be fun for both you as a teacher and for your students. They’re the building blocks of so much we do on the drums and can be used in fills, beats and soloing. Don’t just make them a dull snare warm-up at the start of the lesson with no focus.

Over the next few months I’ll be writing a series of blogs (each complete with video) giving you some ideas of how you can teach rudiments in a fun and relevant way. To start us off we’re going to focus on…


There are hundreds of ways you can use RLRR LRLL, but one way I use a lot with my students is as a beat (it’s also great for honing ghost notes). With one hand on the hi-hats and one on the snare, using a mixture of ghost notes and accents, you can create a great sounding beat. Without further ado, here’s the video:

Played on the hi-hats it would be good for funk and fusion, but by moving it to the ride bell you get a much rockier vibe. Get your students adding fills and trying different bass drum patterns too.

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  1. John Zion says:

    Nice paradiddle lesson Claire. It’s definitely more fun than just playing it on a single surface when first learning this great rudiment.

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