Rudiments Aren’t Boring. #2: Advanced Paradiddles

In “Rudiments Aren’t Boring. #1“, I talked about using paradiddles in beats to make them more interesting for your students. This time we’re super-charging that idea to an advanced level with a 7/8 linear groove that, if I do say so myself, sounds killer! I’ve been teaching it to a few of my students recently and they’re loving it (as you’ll see, it’s definitely not for beginners, but you could always play it to them to inspire them to practice their rudiments more!).

It’s made up of 3 paradiddles followed by 2 singles:

Download the pdf here to use in lessons. It’s best explained in person, so without further ado, here’s the video:

Hopefully it’ll show your students how useful rudiments are for creating both linear and odd time grooves.

Hope you like the new drum kit, it’s a Premier Spitfire, sounds and looks stunning! Watch out for the next installment in the “Rudiments Aren’t Boring” series where it’s time to move away from paradiddles onto another equally useful rudiment!

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