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More reviews of “How To Teach Drums” have been published over the last couple of weeks.

How to Teach Drums book review from

Firstly, on the excellent drumming site. I was really pleased with this review, as by his own admission, the reviewer (Rob Crisp) was dubious about the concept of a book “teaching” people how to teach drums, as he feels it’s such a personal thing and something learnt out of experience. The reason I was so pleased, is that I (or rather the book) won him round! He ended up saying it’d be a great read for not only new and aspiring drum teachers, but those who’ve been teaching for a while too. Here’s the first few paragraphs:

As a teacher myself I was extremely interested to see what Claire had to say with this book. I personally feel that the best teachers are those who go the extra mile, know their stuff and have built up their own teaching methods over time.

In other words, I don’t really think “teaching” is something you can learn per se. There are of course many more elements to being a good teacher than just the teaching itself.

Once I began reading this book I was completely absorbed. I literally read the book from cover to cover, finding myself agreeing with almost every point Claire made. It was evident she and I have a similar outlook when it comes to this area of the music industry….

To read the full review visit:

iDrum magazine book reviewSecondly came the review in iDrum magazine that sums up the book really well for me. If you haven’t read iDrum before I’d definitely encourage you do so. It’s an online digital drum magazine that’s totally free. Interviews, articles and lessons come alive as they’re able to add videos directly into the pages of the mag.

Here’s some snippet’s from Sam Pert’s review (iDrum mag issue 23, p124):

“Depending on your experience, the book can be your confidence-boosting personal coach, the catalyst for you to make the leap; or simply a handy reference point for existing teachers, subtle reassurance that you’re doing a worthwhile and valid job.

From the theoretical and the psychological to the practical aspects of teaching, Claire covers it all, including the business side of things…. in this well-rounded and encouraging read.”

Sam’s also talks about my concept of a “Drumming Timeline” and how helpful that can be for teaching beginners in particular. Read the full review here:

Many thanks to, iDrum mag, Rob and Sam.

Coming soon… Claire’s interviewed by Tom Tom Magazine

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